STAR*NET Certification 4 : GNSS

Learn how to use the GNSS and geodetic features of STAR*NET Pro and Ultimate in this 10 part curriculum


STAR*NET 1: Import workflows

STARNET 2: Introduction to Least Squares adjustment and the STAR*NET Interface

STARNET 3: Standard Errors

STAR*NET allows you to combine RTK and Post Processed GNSS baselines from all major manufacturers into a single, unified adjustment. This course helps you understand the workflows that follow data import. Attention is given to tools for inspecting results for outliers and to understanding how to compensate for over optimistic weighting. This class will discuss GNSS related topics such as geoid modeling, grid systems and datum shifts. Students will be exposed to a variety of output options that are especially suited to GNSS and grid system adjustments.

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James Johnston
James Johnston

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