Import Leica Captivate DBX Data


Import a DBX file that has been copied from a Leica controller to the desktop.


  • Ensure that the option to import Codes into the AutoMap is turned OFF for now.
  • Start the Program
  • The Leica Captivate Automap that is preinstalled is preconfigured so that codes will be handled correctly.
  • If a GEM or CSCS file was used during the survey in Captivate, a copy of this support file must be referenced during the import. A copy can be saved anywhere on the PC. This step is usually required only once.
  • Access the "Advanced" button in the Leica DBX Importer to review settings and to assign a GEM or CSCS file.
  • GEM or CSCS files

(Optional) Leica Captivate Movies:

Coding with Captivate
Advanced Coding with Captivate


DBX Import


  1. View the movie
  2. Run the Leica DBX Import Routine and import "Survey Coding" found in "C:\Users\(Your Login)\Documents\MicroSurvey\Jobs\Sample Data"
  3. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the option "Import feature codes to AutoMap" is OFF.
  4. Save the Drawing
  5. Continue to the next lesson
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