Drawing Template and Linetypes


In he first of this series of lessons for an advanced user, we will learn how to configure a template.


  • The template is critical in this workflow as it contains definitions for linetypes.
  • View the article: Using Linetype Scale for Consistent Appearance of Special Linetypes in Drawings for more information about Linetype scales and Drawing Scale Factor.
  • Any AutoCAD or Bricscad template can be used. Users may incorporate any additional linetypes, layers, blocks, text styles or layout definitions in a template, but none is crucial to this workflow.
  • Learn more about the Drawing Explorer Dialog from the BricsCAD Support page.


Configure Survey Tools to apply a template when creating a drawing


  1. View the movie
  2. Open the Project Manager and select the surveytools.dwt template found in: C:\Users\(Your Login)\Documents\MicroSurvey\Templates
  3. Create a new drawing and name it "Tutorial"
  4. Close the MicroSurvey defaults dialog so we can revisit in the next lesson
  5. Open Drawing Explorer and review available linetypes
  6. Review CELTSCALE and LTSCALE values
  7. Keep the drawing open for the next lesson
  8. Complete the quiz
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