MicroSurvey School News

There's more to MicroSurvey training than just this online school. Watch here for announcements about other events.

STAR*NET Certification Full Curriculum now Available for Bundle Purchase

The STAR*NET Certification curriculum is now available to users at learn.microsurvey.com/courses/starnet-full. This course covers the same topics and uses the same materials covered during our live classroom or online training sessions and is taught by qualified STAR*NET instructors with years...


STAR*NET Certification Training Available June 2020

If you have experienced the "STAR*NET 1: Import Workflows" course at learn.microsurvey.com and are looking for more training, please join us for a live streaming event this June. Our popular STAR*NET Certification class will be offered online this summer. Please pick the link below for more...


STAR*NET Certification Online scheduled for November 2019

We hope to meet you online for our next offering of STAR*NET Certification training. This 16 hour curriculum is offered online using "Goto Training" and helps you master MicroSurvey STAR*NET and using least squares to improve the efficiency, accuracy and precision of your work. Visit here for...